Financial Advisory business operating out of the Camberwell Business Hub in Melbourne Victoria.

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Our Story

SC Wealth Creation Pty Ltd is a boutique Financial Advisory business operating out of the Camberwell Business Hub in Melbourne Victoria. Our advisory team, headed by Steven Creelman, has over 20 years direct and indirect financial services experience looking after the wealth and retirement plans of self-funded retirees, SMSF, investors and small business owners.

Steve provides his clients with a holistic investment solution drawing on support resources within the financial advice industry. As a chartered accountant, servicing a broad-based client base, Steve knows only too well the need to provide a complete financial service offering to ensure all clients receive the financial support in this ever-evolving financial malaise.

Our team includes Steve Creelman (Financial Advisor and SMSF Specialist, Authorised Representative of the Licensee no 280766), Mark Caruso (tax partner), Adrian Pelligra (Financial Planning specialist, Authorised Representative of the Licensee).

SC Wealth Creation Pty Ltd operates under an AFSL as a Corporate Authorised Representative (no 001002047) of Accountants Private Advice (AFSL no 322056).

Steve Creelman CA
Mark Caruso CA / CPA
Adrian Pelligra CFP

Investment Philosophy

Our investment aim is simple, to provide an outcome that ensures you are happy, safe and secure whilst you accumulate wealth, enjoy it in retirement and then plan to create wealth transition. How to get there is complex in this ever-evolving world of unknowns. Partnering with a financial advisor who knows your personal, business and tax affairs is critical.

We accept that all clients see their retirement aspirations differently – some are happy to work longer and accumulate more, whilst others plan retirement earlier. Whatever your plans, we look to provide a realistic solution that meets your personal goals and objectives. We believe all families deserve the lifestyle they desire and the future they wish for; the way we can help you achieve this is by improving and monitoring your financial circumstances now and into future. Whether you have your own business or are in the workforce, we specialize in helping your family reach financial freedom.

We work with people all over Australia to ensure they are protected against life’s events. Whether that is by protecting your income, so that in the event you were unable to work you would still be able to receive your current income, or ensuring your family is protected financially, due to an unfortunate event such as your passing. Most importantly, we work with you to achieve your personal goals.

It is important that all clients have ready access to cash flow to fund lifestyle, but this is generally supported with growth like assets to ensure that your retirement nest egg matches, if not exceeds inflation over time.

It is important to develop a holistic approach to wealth accumulation and as your trusted accountant, we can provide:

  • Taxation and Asset Protection reviews;
  • Superannuation advice on all structures to help you meet your personal super needs;
  • Investment advice and proactive investment management across all structures including Personal, Company, Trust and NFPs;
  • Access to unique and highly specialised investment offers catering to wholesale investors and high net wealth individuals
  • Retirement and succession planning;
  • Insurance support including life, TPD, income protection and key man insurance reviews
  • Estate planning support including reviews of wills, power of attorney and BDBN forms;

Investment Life Cycle

We all appreciate the need to understand your financial position as it stands today, the future bumps and challenges as we head down the road to retirement and then how best to accumulate and enjoy your wealth. We understand that young families are burdened with debt, periods of single income support and schooling commitments before they focus on nest egg commitments. Unfortunately, retirement planning can be overlooked until well into mid life and the uphill challenge to accumulate sufficient wealth to enjoy an earlyish retirement becomes a challenge.

We passionately believe that with some consideration to a holistic financial plan, from 40 onwards, provides the catalyst for retirement planning. We often hear ill-informed comments associated with superannuation and how it is such a disincentive to invest in super as you do not have access to it for many, many years. This might be true; however, superannuation should not only be seen as a compulsory form of savings, but rather as the most tax effective form of investment accumulation and addressed at the appropriate time. We encourage all clients to keep an open mind about the financial benefits of accumulating wealth through superannuation, earlier in life.


Our competitive difference

At SC Wealth Creation Pty Ltd, we have a team of experts and a purpose-built infrastructure and through our partnership with Akambo Financial Group we provide clients the highest quality financial planning and wealth management advice. Steve Creelman, applying his 35 years financial and investment acumen, has helped thousands of clients achieve their financial goals. SC Wealth Creation Pty Ltd tailors a financial plan aimed to achieve your specific goals and objectives in conjunction with Akambo’ s award-winning wealth management and advice framework and solutions.

Our philosophy at SC Wealth Creation Pty Ltd begins from the perspective that clients are seeking and deserve a transparent and flexible solution. We embrace a holistic view of your circumstances and seek to meet your goals and objectives through specifically tailored solutions and products, coupled with a personalised and interactive service. The unique partnership with Akambo Financial Group allows SC Wealth Creation Pty Ltd the ability to balance risk and reward on your behalf, explaining both to you in simple-to-understand language which addresses your needs. You can be confident that our capabilities, experience and process will provide you with a detailed actionable plan that we work in partnership to achieve. Our investment choices are wide and allows us to provide clients with access to investment structures and opportunities globally, including direct beneficial ownership of assets driven by value, growth, income generation and opportunity.

The expert team at SC Wealth Creation Pty Ltd will help you put together and manage the strategic direction of your Financial Plan and the investment structure and solution supporting it. We also have access to other experts such as finance brokers, life insurance brokers and legal specialists as required.